Updates from 2016:

Because the founder of our organization has retired and has had some health issues, LC Collection Centers have ceased to maintain our 501(c)3 status.  This means your donation will no longer be tax deductible, per IRS tax codes. 

Also because we could not receive official support from the Lions Clubs, our resources have dwindled.  The staff has continued, at the personal level, to collect the glasses and work toward other goals as described below.  So we appreciate your continued support and can still accept your paper currency -- if you still wish to send them to us.  Address information is on the Donate Now page.

Otherwise, a reputable alternative would be Unicef's "Change For Good" project.

Thank you again, for your past, present, and future support!!

Donate foreign currencies to LC Collection Centers and help under-privileged people see better!

What is DonateCurrencies.org?

DonateCurrecies.org is a project of LC Collection Centers (LCCC.)  Our organization was established and sponsored by members of Mission-Geneva Lions Club in San Francisco.  Lions are recognized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired.  LCCC’s main goals are to:
  • Help local Lions Clubs collect more glasses and other re-usable, recyclable items, so Lions and other partner organizations can distribute the glasses and other devices to those in need.
  • Facilitate the collection effort by creating an online registry of collection sites.
  • Expand the network of Collection Centers by promoting the awareness of our programs to national firms and to the public.

Donate your unused foreign currency to us, v.s. Exchanging it at a bank

Got leftover foreign currency from your international trip?  Don't go to the bank to exchange it back.  Banks charge you around 6% or more to do that!  You already paid good money to get the foreign currency.  Why make the bankers even richer by exchanging it back there?  There are people in this world who are in real need of that chunk of change you have in your pocket now!

Our own experience is that, it actually incurrs more than 8%
fees to exchange currencies back to USD's from local banks !  But I know you would want information to back up the numbers.  So here is how we estimated the fee percentage mentioned in the last paragraph:  first, we used a public calculator from Bank of America. On this particular day, 100 euros get us US$120.64.  Then, using a "newspaper rate," or more specifically, a rate we found on Yahoo Finance, 100 euros would exchange back $127.21 US dollars.  The difference is $6.57.  $6.57 divided by the $120.64 you received from BOA, comes to the fee percentage of 5.4%.  On top of that, since that Web site is an "online service," there is most likely a "delivery charge" of $7.50. (If you are so inclined, you should be able to find the description of that charge here.)  In our example, the fees total $14.07, which is 11.66%.  Although the percentage would be lower if the amount of currency you wish to exchange is more than this example (100 euros.)  But "6% or more" is really a conservative estimate!

Dollar wise, one may think, $14 isn't all that much.  But then again, the effect of the same amount of fund has a greater impact in the hands of people who are in greater needs!

And yes, some of you may realize by now, if you do a "round-trip" of exchanges, the bank would have almost definitely made more than 10% of your hard-earned money from you!  If you are a frequent traveler, that money really adds up!

So, donate your foreign currency to LCCC instead! For travelers who visited US -- we welcome your donation of US dollars.

We also welcome your donation of currency collection.

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