Donate Now / Your Options

Donate to us is as easy as putting your donation in an envelope and mail it to:

Lions Certified Collection Centers
1160 Mission St. Suite 1014
San Francisco, CA 94103-1577

Although, depending on the value of your donation, you may want to follow the steps and tips we have provided for you here:

  1. Valuate your donation (optional)
  2. Fill out our form (optional)
  3. If preferred, decide where you would like a portion of your donation to go (optional, Restrictions apply. See details below.)
  4. Mail your donation in an unmarked envelope to us!

Valuate Your Donation

This is a required step if you are planning to take the charitable donation deduction on your tax return.

Currency Chart and Currency Converter

Codes in the Converter and the Currency Names

AUD: Australian dollar
CAD: Canadian dollar
CHF: Swiss franc
DKK: Danish krone
DUR: Euro
GBP: British pound
HKD: Hong Kong dollar
JPY: Japanese yen
MXN: Mexican peso
NOK: Norwegian krone
NZD: New Zealand dollar
PLN: Polish złoty
RUB: Russian rouble
SEK: Swedish krona
SGD: Singapore dollar
TRY: Turkish lira
USD: United States dollar
ZAR: South African rand

More converters:

BRL: Brazilian real
CNY: Chinese yuan
INR: Indian rupee
KRW: Korean won
TWD: Taiwanese dollar

If the currency you are donating is not in the converters, please use the converter on Yahoo Finance.

Tip: For tax purposes, you can also add the cost of postage to the value of your donation.

Fill Out Our Form

If you are planning to take the charitable donation deduction on your tax return, we recommend that you use our form.  For donation to LCCC valued up to US$99, you can simply use this form to document your donation.

We appreciate your donation!  For donation valued between $100 - $250, we will e-mail you a custom letter in PDF format.  For donation valued around $250 and above, we will send you a custom letter via postal mail.

Click here to access our Basic Donation Form.

If preferred, decide where you would like a portion of your donation to go

If your foreign donation is valued at US$30 or more, and, if your foreign currency is Canadian dollar, Mexican peso, British pound, Euro, Japanese yen, Taiwanese dollar, or US Dollar (for travelers visited US), you may designate another charity to receive a portion of the value of your donation (this option is not available for coin collection and paper money collection.)  We ask that you donate at least US$15 worth of currency to Lions Certified Collection Centers, to help cover administrative and processing costs related to your request.

As our thank-you gift to you, you may also opt to receive the value beyond US$15 back to yourself in the form of Planet gift certificate, for up to $40 worth of gift certificate per donation.  We will determine that portion of the value using the rate we find from
Yahoo Finance, on the day we process your donation (which is after we receive your donation.)  Gift certificates have claim codes and are are sent by e-mail.  Also, we reserve the right to put a limit on the total amount of gift certificate a particular individual can receive can over time.

To choose one of these options, please fill out our Split donation / Partial Donation Form.